• The consequence of all these international and economic inequalities is that just 1% of people cause a stunning 50% of global aviation emissions.

    a billionaire’s carbon footprint is quite literally thousands of times that of the average American. This is the result of their yachts, jets, helicopters and massive houses.


  • the creation of political boundaries to prevent people from moving unchecked about the globe is a relatively new development in human history. It is, in many ways, an unnatural restriction of our fundamental freedoms

    Vince makes clear that political hostility to migrants is often based on prejudice rather than fact. Millions of refugees from Ukraine have been accepted by European countries that simultaneously claim they cannot possibly cope with the influx of smaller numbers across the Mediterranean.


  • A Yorkshire sunken village with Viking origins has re-emerged after water levels of the reservoir it was under sank alarmingly low after the most recent heatwave in the UK


  • Pelicans at the palace

  • Paper Trails

    I spend far too much time thinking about paper and digital systems. A part of me would love to go back to using paper notebooks. But they are inconvenient to use out and about, and take up room to store.

    I also have thoughts on which will last longer over time. It seems to me that the inconvenience of paper makes it less likely to stick around for the long term. Is it more likely that my descendants will keep boxes of paper or a text file? There is also the benefit of being able to make backups of digital files and multiple copies.


  • The Story Behind The Story

    “What we are actually listening to is human limitation and the audacity to transcend it. Artificial Intelligence, for all its unlimited potential, simply doesn’t have this capacity.”

    “If we have limitless potential then what is there to transcend? And therefore what is the purpose of the imagination at all.”

    Music, Feeling, and Transcendence: Nick Cave on AI, Awe, and the Splendor of Our Human Limitations

    Without the story behind the story is the story less powerful? Does it mean something to know that a human being wrote the words?

  • My son Jude would have been eight years old today. July 12th 2013 - June 3rd 2021. Happy birthday buddy.

  • Trees for Jude

  • A walk to see some stuff Jude would like

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